Balancing Antibiotics With Probiotics

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Balancing Antibiotics With Probiotics

Antibiotics’ job is to kill bacteria. It kills both good and bad bacteria. The job of good bacteria is to help with digestion, strengthen our immune systems, and to keep us well. Research is making new discoveries every day about the benefit of good bacteria and the consequences of getting out of balance.

When we (or our babies) take antibiotics it kills our good bacteria, so we need to replace it with a good quality probiotic supplement or foods that carry the good bacteria (such as yogurts with live cultures).

If you had a c-section, or you were group beta strep positive, and received antibiotics during labor your baby was also dosed with those antibiotics. Talk with your health care provider about you and your baby taking probiotics and replenishing your good bacteria.

Some studies suggest an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the baby’s digestive system can be a cause of colic. Investigating your pro-biotic options with your health care provider about it can help prevent antibiotic side effects for your baby and for you as well (probiotics are proven to stave off yeast infections brought on by antibiotic use).

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