Circumcision Hurts

Posted in , , on 7-10-12

Circumcision Hurts

If you choose to circumcise your baby boy, consider doing it when he is older, once breastfeeding has been established.  Once  he feels safe and loved and has settled in and is used to the world. Also, when a baby is a little bit older  they can use a general anesthesia and he can be given pain medication after the procedure. Anesthesia always carries a risk, but I feel it is a much more humane way to perform the procedure.  And I feel its important to be able to give a baby pain medication after such a painful surgery.

Circumcision hurts. From years of working with babies, I have seen first hand the trauma circumcision can cause newborns. Some babies become fussy, some shut down and sleep to a point they are hard to wake for feedings, some have a difficult time nursing afterwards.

Read more on the proof of pain from circumcision.

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