How to Make Decisions in an Information Age

Posted in , , on 6-18-12

How to Make Decisions in an Information Age

We now have endless possibilities for researching information. We can rely on countless websites, blogs, books, magazines, videos, podcasts, social media, family, friends, mentors and co-workers. Our goal is to make the best decisions for our families with the information we have at the time, using a combination of our intuition and the answers we have gathered.

Google can be a great tool if you are using sites that have information that is research based.  The main thing about gathering information online is not to go into overdrive. You have to know when to STOP GOOGLING (and when you shouldn’t even google at all).

We all want what is best for our babies. Use your intuition and your sense of respect for your baby, then apply them to the information you have gathered to make confident decisions for your family based on knowledge, not fear.

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