How You Give Birth Matters

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How You Give Birth Matters

As a baby advocate, I care how you choose to give birth. Mothers want best for their babies, but when it comes to birth and what surrounds the birth sometimes the baby is left out of the equation.  As a mother you need to stop and think how your decisions will affect your unborn baby. Your decisions matter.

You have many choices to make. From the place you’re choosing to have your baby, to the medical team  that will assist you; from being induced, to the drugs administered during labor. Medical professionals and parents at times take the baby out of the equation, not showing respect to the unborn or newborn baby.   Decisions are made without thinking what the baby may experiance through the decisions that we make .  Through my experience I have found that until your baby is home in your environment the “mom Bear” protectiveness doesn’t kick in if you have birth your baby in a hospital setting.

We would never drug a baby, but have no qualms administering an epidural. We would never allow someone to handle our baby roughly, but we take the standard hospital protocol of vigorous suctioning and rough handling our baby at birth without  question. We allow these unnecessary procedures do be done when not medically indicated  usually without question.

As responsible parents, you need to be informed on research-based information and make your decisions accordingly.  Ask “Is this procedure necessary?”  and “Why?”. You almost always have options.  Consider how will it affect your baby. Make sure to show respect to your baby.  You have to be your own baby’s advocate!   I love this video because it shows respect and kindness to this baby.

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