Notes on Strollers and Car Seats

Posted in , on 6-19-12

Notes on Strollers and Car Seats

Always leave the carseat in the car. Get used to carrying your baby in your arms or in a baby harness or sling that will hold them close to your body. If you leave a newborn in their carseat because they are sleeping or for the convenience of carrying, your baby will miss out on lots of human touch which is important for their healthy growth and development. Babies that are touched more are fussy less (and their stress hormones are lower). Carseats exist to keep your baby safe in your car, do not think of them as a carrier..

A stroller where your baby faces you is best for your baby. When your baby is facing you while being pushed, they interact with you twice as much as when facing outward.  They are twice as likely to fall asleep and had lower heart rates , both signs of security and decreased stress.

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