The Importance of Controlling Post Birth (Postpartum) Pain

Posted in , on 8-20-12

The Importance of Controlling Post Birth (Postpartum) Pain

It’s important to manage your pain from a c-section or perennial birth trauma. When you are experiencing uncontrolled pain the hormones to produce breast milk are affected and inhibited.

Take care of yourself, rest, eat good quality proteins (which promote healing), drink plenty of fluids, and take your vitamins. Create a cozy place for you and your baby. Bring your blankets and pillows from home when you are in the hospital so you can feel as safe and comfy as possible.

Even though it will be passed to your baby through your milk, take your prescribed pain medication if needed. You have to weigh the pros and cons of transferring trace amounts of the medication vs. getting your body to a manageable comfort level so your body will function properly to produce the milk in the first place. It’s hard to feed your child and bond when you are in pain.

A natural way to help reduce your pain is to increase the natural release of oxytocin into your system. The quickest way to trigger the reaction is to snuggle with your baby skin to skin. Do this by undressing down to the diaper and place her on your bare chest, if needed put a blanket over the two of you. Cuddle so you can feel her warmth, smell her skin, feel her breath. Engage all your senses – touch, smell, hearing, sight. This release of oxytocin will help lessen the pain you may be experiencing.

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