Things We Thought We Knew But Didn’t #1

Posted in , on 5-30-12

Things We Thought We Knew But Didn’t #1

Medical opinions change over time. So many methods and care plans, which were accepted as absolute truths in the past, have been completely misproven and rejected since then. I thought it would be interesting to share some of the “things we thought we knew – but didn’t” from time to time.

By looking back and seeing the mistakes and misconceptions of the past, you should be more confident about choosing a unique birth/baby care plan that works for you, instead of blindly following today’s status quo. Because today’s status quo might be tomorrow’s abandoned policy or procedure.


We gave the moms a drug called socpamine for pain in labor, sometimes it would make the mom pretty much incoherent and when the baby was born  the baby would be unresponsive, floppy so we would have to give the baby an injection to counteract the drugs that were in him from his birth.

We used spinal anesthesia for moms in labor, this would block out all pain , there were many problems with this, the biggest draw back was the mother had to lay flat in bed for 24 hours as to not get a spinal headache, a severe headache caused by fluid leaking out of her spinal column.

We used to make new mothers deliver with their feet in stirrups and both hands strapped down (so they wouldn’t touch the sterile field).

Episiotomy and forceps were used most of the time being the mother couldn’t push so high forceps were used routinely, meaning the doctor had to go up further to pull on baby.

Silvernitrate was used in babies eyes to kill bacteria at birth. It made all babies eyes puffy and red and sometimes would cause chemicals burns and permanent damage to babies eyes.

We said formula was as good as breastmilk for babies and it may even be superior being we could add vitamins.

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