To Vaccinate or Not?

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To Vaccinate or Not?

To vaccinate or not? This is a hot topic that will take time for you to figure out what is best for your family. Make decisions out of knowledge, not fear. Being informed about your choices makes you a better parent. You need to look at your baby and do what is right for him.

Let me preface this with the fact that I, personally am not anti-vaccine. I do however have issues with how our medical professionals take a “one-timetable-fits-all” approach to vaccinating our babies. I believe making this decision requires research, risk assessment, family discussion and prayer.

Risk assessment + Information about the vaccine/disease it inoculates against =

Your formula for making an informed decision

Here are the steps to assess your baby’s risk factors:

– A baby that is exclusively breastfeed has a better immune system then a baby that is formula fed.

– Take into account if your baby will be in a daycare setting, exposed to many more germs than an infant at home. Also, take your lifestyle into consideration. Do you have school age children who might be exposed to a broad range of germs and bring them home and expose your baby to them?

– Take into consideration at what week gestation your baby was born. If he was born full term, your antibodies were past from you to your baby in the last weeks of pregnancy.

– Consider your access to quality medical care. Learn about the disease symptoms for each vaccination and possible consequences of your child contracting the disease.

– Make sure your baby is well if they are about to receive a vaccine.


Gather information about each vaccine and each disease it counteracts. One of the best resources I can recommend is The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears.

Discuss the decision with your partner, family, medical professional and friends you trust. Ultimately, you as the parents will make the decision of what is best for your baby. I know it can be overwhelming, but this is an extremely important decision for your child and your family. It is so important, it is worth the time you invest into making the decision.

As a nurse I wanted to let you know:  If you choose to vaccinate, you can request an alternate timetable (rather than the traditional shot schedule). It may add extra visits, but it will reduce the chemical load on your baby’s system and  reduce your baby’s stress.

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