What Respect Looks Like

Posted in , on 5-23-12

What Respect Looks Like

What is respect? These words come to mind when I think of respect: kindness, consideration, gentleness, admiration, honor, appreciation, graciousness, patience, gratitude, caring and love.

Respect is another key element in getting to know your baby. Respect is uplifting; it is a physical demonstration of unconditional love. It is the act of totally accepting another person in body, mind, and spirit.  Each baby is unique. Your baby is a person with his own personality. As his mother, you need to get to know him and learn what his particular needs and wants are.

Make decisions based on respect for your baby. When you respect your baby, you treat him differently. Handle babies like the precious blessings and individuals that they are. You always need to remember to value your baby as a person. When he cries, he is crying for a reason.

As you practice respect, try a little self talk. Tell yourself, “I am the adult. I am a role model. I teach respect. I love my kids and they love me.” Put yourself in your child’s place and try to figure out his needs and what you can do to care for him. Always put things in perspective. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t forget to respect yourself, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself these questions: What difference will this make a year from now? Can I let it go or let him have his way? How does my decision make my child feel? How will I feel about this tomorrow?

Using respect as a compass to guide your choices is an essential component to parenting and a fundamental building block for establishing a healthy relationship with your child.

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