Which Formula Is Best?

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Which Formula Is Best?

I am a breastfeeding advocate, but I am also a realist. At some point some  babies are given formula (for a variety of reasons). Because formula may be unavoidable, and because it may be the only option in certain cases, I wanted to share my most commonly asked question about formula.

There are so many choices of formula on the shelves – different brands, different bases (cow milk, soy milk, goat milk, oh my!). What kind of formula is best for my baby?

Not long ago, there were basically two choices for formula, from only two brands (both cow milk based). Now there are countless brands, all screaming their alleged superiority from the shelves. It’s confusing. Keep in mind the “official” medical opinion evolves as each new study comes out. When one formula is recommended over another, it is not “good” versus “bad”, it is usually “new benefits have been discovered of this-kind-of-formula over that-kind-of-formula”.  Each trying to mimic what the newest discovery in human milk is.

In my opinion, the current best solutions are proposed by expert pediatrician , Dr. Sears. On his website he has posted recipes that can be used to make an alternative healthy formula for your infant using goat milk as a base. Don’t let the “recipe” aspect scare you off. You can create the perfect blend for your infant’s digestive system with just a few ingredients readily available . Within a few batches you will discover what your child takes to and each recipe is guaranteed to provide a superior formula over ready made formula.  Look at the first several ingredients in most ready made formula and you will be surprised to see high fructose corn syrup, something we don’t want our kids to grow up on

As with everything else, you are your baby’s best advocate. You are the one who can best judge how your baby is feeding and which formulas they respond to. Don’t be afraid to try something new if what they’re drinking isn’t working for them. You have options. Learn to read and understand labels. Educate yourself to make an informed decision.

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