Why Your Baby Cares About Your Sex Life

Posted in , on 6-18-12

Why Your Baby Cares About Your Sex Life

The importance of your happiness matters to your baby. It matters in a lot of different ways – from chemical bodily functions (like your milk production), to abstract factors (like the emotional state surrounding your baby).  If a mom is happy and relaxed it makes a difference in a baby’s well being, and sex is one of the most basic and natural ways for adults to relieve stress.

We all need love and affection to grow and thrive in a positive way. The research behind the importance of love and affection is proving what a strong impact it has on our well being.  It affects not only our happiness, but also our health.

Sex plays a major role in most couples’ relationships. It’s a basic act that reaffirms love and connects two people  After the birth of your baby, both your testosterone level and that of your husband or partner will drop. If your partner is involved in the birth of, and then care of your baby, his testosterone level will even be lower.  Testosterone is a major hormone that impacts our sex drive. After the birth, both parents’ sex drive is temporarily diminished while the hormone oxytocin (the “love” hormone) increases dramatically.

In regards to resuming sex after birth and how quickly both of your hormone levels readjust – well, everyone is different. You and your partner can make the decision together, when you are ready. Check with your health care provider and ask when it is safe to resume sex. How you deliver will make a difference in your timetable.

When a couple resumes sex for the first time, foreplay is extremely important to allow for a slow build up of the hormones required for intercourse. When people touch, caress, kiss, talk softly, oxytocin is released in both partners, effectively retraining your brain to respond to this kind of physical love again, instead of focusing all your love hormones on your newborn baby.

After delivery, and while breastfeeding, your estrogen levels will be lowered. Estrogen is what creates the natural lubricant in your vaginal lining, so be mindful and use a lubricant to protect yourself from discomfort. When you orgasam, more oxytocin is released, This will make your uterus and vagina contract, and will release your milk ( so have a soft cloth or hand towel nearby to absorb the milk that might drip or spray out).

If your partner enjoys your milk, he is not taking away from your baby’s supply.  Remember: the more milk you remove, the more you produce. The germs you partner has in his saliva are passed to you through your nipple. In turn your body will produce antibodies against the germs and pass the immunities to your baby when they nurse. Pretty amazing what the human body can do!

F.Y.I. You can get pregnant while breastfeeding. When baby is always with mom, nursing frequently around the clock, breastfeeding can be a form of birth control, but it is not 100% reliable. If you supplement with bottles, even occasionally, or your baby sleeps long periods at night you may ovulate. You do not have to have a period to get pregnant.

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