Your Stories: Elizabeth K.

Posted in , on 8-20-12

Your Stories: Elizabeth K.

This story was sent in by Elizabeth K., an American mother living in South Korea

“As a first time mother-to-be in a foreign country, I have felt overwhelmed by pregnancy and what to expect. I am residing in a country where the episiotomy rate is 98% and the c-section rate is around 40-50% and despite knowing very little about labor and delivery, I knew that I wanted to avoid any unnecessary procedures – especially with the language barrier.

“After reading several articles from Nurse Gena’s website and personal stories about natural birthing scenarios, I realized how unprepared I actually had been. I have now changed to a natural birthing clinic where I plan to have an un-medicated water birth. While I realize that every woman is different and has different desires for her birthing scenario, I just feel so grateful that I came across Nurse Gena’s website so that I could be more informed and choose the route that is best for me. Thank you, Nurse Gena, for your wealth of information!”

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